Once again I headed into the forest for a walk.  It ended up being a more of a workout than I wanted.

After the snow storm and the fierce winds we had the snow had piled into deep drifts.  Each foot step was a chore and resulted in snow getting into my boots.

As a child I used to watch the show ‘Kung Fu’.  For some reason the saying ‘walk lightly Grasshopper’ 0r some such thing, has stuck in my mind.  So there I was trying to walk lightly on the snow so I wouldn’t sink.   Well it mostly didn’t work.

The dogs were having their own issues with the snow.  When it got too much Davin would pull the snowballs out of his feet.

Oh, and I see that I will be cutting toenails tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Grasshopper

    • No it wasn’t the spooky forest. I was thinking of you as I was hiking – this would be a good place to take you hiking and then I noticed I wasn’t hearing any birds…

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