Breakfast Mishap

Yesterday I had a change in plans to my day.  Of course that isn’t a problem since there is never a lack of things to do.  No matter how the day is going to go I always start with breakfast.  I rarely miss it because I always wake up really hungry and today was no exception.  One of my favorite foods to eat in the morning is oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon.  Well I didn’t have a very good start to the day.

As I was pouring the oatmeal into the pot all the flakes decided to escape.  All over the stove, into the dogs fur and all over the floor.

One of the definitions for mishap is: an unfortunate accident.  The dogs didn’t think it was unfortunate at all in fact they thought is was very fortuitous.  Lets just say they started licking up the bits as fast as they could.

Maybe I should start buying oatmeal in those little ‘just add water’ packages…


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