Post Holing

I think I was being overly optimistic when I went for a walk the other day.  Or maybe it was just wishful thinking.  I left my snowshoes at home. Spring is here, sometimes the sun shines.  It should be all good.

When I took my first step all optimism left.

When I took my second step wishful thinking turned into, what was I thinking!

I couldn’t move forward, backward or pull my legs out.  I was stuck. And hoping I wouldn’t sink any further.

Eventually I worked my way out.

The result was wet snow that stuck to my legs and boots full of packed snow.

Even the little dog couldn’t stay on top of the snow!

Davin didn’t mind.  Nothing much slows him down.

Do they make snowshoes for old dogs?

I’m sure it’s spring somewhere in the world.


If There’s Water

The first day of spring was beautiful. The sun was shining which seems to be rare these days so I decided to take some time and enjoy it before it starting snowing again.

I decided to follow a creek.

The snow was quite deep but there were a few areas where the creek was open and running.

And if there’s water Ande will find it.

Every single hole.  Maybe she’s hoping for summer, I know I am!

Deep Deep Snow

Walking this year has been a challenge.  I always try to find a place where the dogs can run in safety.  This winter and now even into the spring it’s been almost impossible to drive off the main roads.  I just know if I do I will get stuck in the snow.  On Sunday it took me a half hour or so to find a place to go snow shoeing.  I was crossing all my fingers and toes that I wouldn’t get stuck.  I didn’t, yay!

The only way to get around in the forest is by snow shoes or ski’s.

Davin was getting rather impatient with all the driving I had to do to find a place to walk.

I love going off the beaten path and just wandering around where ever my feet want to take me.

That’s when I see the most interesting things.

And of course that’s when the dogs find the most interesting things as well.

At one point the dogs disappeared down a ravine. I wondered briefly what they could be up to.

Maybe I should have wondered more than briefly as Ande trots past me proud as can be.

With something hanging from her mouth.

Yum, yum nothing like a tasty moose hide!