Deep Deep Snow

Walking this year has been a challenge.  I always try to find a place where the dogs can run in safety.  This winter and now even into the spring it’s been almost impossible to drive off the main roads.  I just know if I do I will get stuck in the snow.  On Sunday it took me a half hour or so to find a place to go snow shoeing.  I was crossing all my fingers and toes that I wouldn’t get stuck.  I didn’t, yay!

The only way to get around in the forest is by snow shoes or ski’s.

Davin was getting rather impatient with all the driving I had to do to find a place to walk.

I love going off the beaten path and just wandering around where ever my feet want to take me.

That’s when I see the most interesting things.

And of course that’s when the dogs find the most interesting things as well.

At one point the dogs disappeared down a ravine. I wondered briefly what they could be up to.

Maybe I should have wondered more than briefly as Ande trots past me proud as can be.

With something hanging from her mouth.

Yum, yum nothing like a tasty moose hide!


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