This Time Last Year

In my quest to find a place to walk where I don’t need to wear snowshoes I decided to check out a place where a group of us did some dog training this time last year.

This was April 23rd last year.  It was really windy but it was nothing like…

this year.

People are still ice fishing.

The dogs don’t mind at all.  They prefer the snow.

Personally I prefer last year’s weather over…

this year’s.  On the positive side there aren’t any wood ticks here yet.


April Flurries

It still hasn’t stopped snowing and the dogs don’t mind at all.

Davin is oblivious to it especially when there is a tasty bone involved.

And Ande revels in it.

Fluffy snow is the best..

I’m just hoping I will see green grass before the winter season is upon us once again.