South Castle

Today after work I decided to take the dogs and check out the
Castle Mountain area.  It an awesome place to hike. It’s also the place I go to pick huckleberries.

Shortly after I arrived it started snowing.   Good thing I wore my down filled jacket because not only was it snowing the wind was freezing cold.

I hiked to the South Castle river and there still isn’t too much water flowing. It’s been too cool for the run – off to start in earnest.

The river bank is breaking off in huge chunks.  It made me nervous when the dogs got too close to the edge.  These banks were actually quite high and steep.  I didn’t hang around here for very long.

Instead I found a little creek that Ande could happily splash around in.

And yes that is snow and yes I’m still hiking in it.


2 thoughts on “South Castle

  1. Great photos of the snow. All the coverage of the Slave Lake and other Alberta fires neglects to mention that there is other extreme weather this May!

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