Water Day

Sshhh…don’t tell but I skipped out of work early today.  It was so hot I needed a water afternoon.

Davin was in complete agreement.  I loaded up the kayaks, sunscreen, bug repellent and various other whatevers.

Finally on Crowsnest Lake.

The bigger the stick the better and there were plenty of sticks to keep this dog happy.

Davin is just along for the ride.  He apparently needs sunglasses for the bright sunny days.

We seen an otter and a beaver but the loon was the only one that stuck around long enough for me to take a photo.

I’m glad I took a water afternoon.


One thought on “Water Day

  1. You look very stylish in your bold, bright safety vest. I agree, sunshades would be a great idea. Nice of you to suggest to the “old one” that life is too important to waste a great water day.

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